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Cadastral & Subdivision Surveys

Subdivisions and Boundary Definitions

As with many firms, the basis of much of the local work is of a cadastral nature. Here Rennie Golledge can provide survey for Urban and Rural Subdivisions. Large-scale rural subdivisions have been carried out by us throughout the Hunter Region, North Coast area of N.S.W. and in Canberra ACT.

Easement and Lease Surveys

The firm also carries out surveys to create easements or leases for all sorts of purposes which may benefit or burden a portion of land. Mining or Exploration leases are a good example where professional surveyors are required:

Strata Title Services

The firm has recently become an innovator in the field of Community Title developments.

Examples of the types of projects of this nature carried out by Rennie Golledge Pty. Ltd. are listed below:

  • Rennie Golledge has for many years been involved with strata development from the Sydney Region to the Hunter Region and through to the North Coast of N.S.W.
  • Large-scale rural subdivisions have been carried out throughout the Hunter Region, North Coast area of N.S.W. and in Canberra ACT.
  • Rennie Golledge has also been involved in resort developments where the units are sold under a strata and community title system.


When would you require a Registered Surveyor?

Whenever you need to create or modify an existing land boundary. When any new development changes property boundaries a land title survey is required. The surveyor searches old maps and plans to locate old boundary pegs. Then a survey team finds them using known fixed points. Only registered surveyors are allowed to carry out land title surveys.

Australia operates a system where the government guarantees the ownership of land based on the accurate surveys of its exact location and boundaries.


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