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Engineering Surveys

From the time that Rennie Golledge was formed in the early 1970’s, engineering setout has been a mainstay of the firm. Now equipped with an interchangeable system of GPS, Robotic Total Stations and specialised survey computers, the surveyors at Rennie Golledge can perform even the most complicated surveys at the touch of a button.

Engineering Services

Roads & Earthworks

Our surveyors are experienced in the construction of all types of roads, from urban streets, to large Expressways or construction Haul Roads.

Recent examples include;

  • Survey of the Karuah Bypass, an 11 km freeway extension west of the Karuah Township.
  • Setout of road works and plant site on the Lihir Gold Project in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea
  • Setout of pavement and earthworks on the new airport at Chek Lap Kok Island, Hong Kong.
  • Setout of road works and training on the Putrajaya Project Malaysia. This project contains the new residence and offices of the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
  • Design of road works and containment dams on the Batu Hijau Project on Sumbawa Indonesia
  • Setout of 10 stages of canal on the Raby Bay Estate, Cleveland in Brisbane Queensland.
  • Haul Road and Dump Station Access Ramps at Andoom Bauxite Mine, Weipa.


Photograph.The majority of our staff posses the special qualifications required for railway surveys. Past survey work includes;

  • Setout of rail loop and associated earthworks at Mt Arthur North Coal Mine.
  • Setout of the rail loops and associated facilities at the Newcastle and Kooragang Island Coal Loader.
  • Coal mine rail loops for the Mount Owen Mine, Camberwell Mine and the Dartbrook Underground Colliery.
  • Rail design and setout for the Boronia Tunnels on the Great Northern Railway on the Sydney to Newcastle link.
  • Rail setout for the Underground Rail System at Circular Quay, Sydney.



Photograph.Some examples for bridge surveys that we have participated in include;

  • Setout and conformance monitoring of the six minor bridges on the Karuah Bypass.
  • Setout of the bridge over the rail and swamp on the Maitland Bypass.
  • Survey of the new bridge at Hexham on the Pacific Highway.
  • New bridges at Lenaghans Flat for the final stages of the Sydney to Newcastle Expressway.



Photograph.Here at Rennie Golledge, we pride ourselves on the diversity of structural surveys that we complete. The range of modern survey equipment used by our staff, utilises GPS technology, Reflector less Distance Measurement & robotic instruments, allowing us to virtually measure anything, anywhere.

Recent Projects we have been involved in include;

  • Project NeWeipa bauxite processing facility at Comalcos’ Andoom Bauxite Mine
  • Setout and conformance monitoring of the Hydro Aluminium Smelter – Baking Furnace reconstruction
  • Setout and control for multi-story developments in the Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter Region.
  • Setout the potlines at Tomago Smelter through three stages over a period of several years.
  • Monitoring building surveys on Capral Aluminium Smelter.
  • Building setout for the Australian Paper Mills.



Photograph.Throughout the years we have been involved with many of the major coal mines in the Hunter Valley, specialising in Mining and Exploration Lease surveys , stockpile volumes and open cut details, through to surface based civil works such as haul road and processing plant construction.

Examples include;

  • Hunter Valley No. 1 - Survey and design of the Lemington Road Deviation, survey and setout of the bridge across the Hunter River, coal stockpiles, checking the Mine Lease Boundary and the re-design of the rail loop for Barclay Mowlem.
  • Draytons - Coal stockpiles and their volumes
  • Lemington – Coal stockpile volumes, mine lease boundary checking and subsidence monitoring.
  • Newdell – Coal stockpiles and their volumes
  • Dartbrook – Setout of 8km. of rail loop and the coal stacker reclaimer.
  • Bengalla – Mine haul road setout and the setout of the mine rail loop.
  • Mount Arthur North – Setout of mine rail loop.
  • Mount Thorley – Survey for conveyor re-alignment, setout of mine haul roads original setout of the coal stacker reclaimer and the subsequent monitoring of rail location.
  • Warkworth – Coal stockpiles and volumes for mine
  • Saxonvale – Setout of the infrastructure buildings during the construction phase of the mine.
  • Camberwell – Setout of the mine rail loop and the re-alignment of the loop between the main line and Rixs Creek.


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