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Housing and Construction Surveys

Here at Rennie Golledge we pride ourselves on the range and quality of surveys provided in the building and construction industry throughout the Hunter Valley.

We supply a range of services including detailed site surveys, building set-outs and post construction surveys. Some of our major clients include;

  • Coral Homes
  • A V Jennings
  • Cavalier Homes
  • Excellence Homes
  • Hotondo Homes
  • Anambah Homes
  • Freedom Homes

We also provide housing certificates for both legal and lending authorities and have based our operations in these areas on a quick response and a professionally finished product. Our Quality Assurance that starts with the computer checking of all designs and lot layouts in alignment with state-of–the-art survey equipment, allows us to provide accurate and efficient surveys for our clients.

With all house constructions, the following surveys will be required at different stages of the construction process

Stage 1 – Contour & Detail Survey

This is a survey and plan of the original block of land. It shows the location of all services and existing fixtures, any trees or natural features and the contours of the land prior to construction. This survey is required by architects and councils so they can position your new house and design any associated drainage.

Stage 2 – Boundary Survey

Not so necessary with new subdivisions, but more with older blocks, it is wise to contact a surveyor and have the boundaries of you land clearly marked. It should be noted that building encroachment disputes may result where a surveyor has not been consulted to redefine the boundaries of your land prior to construction.

Stage 3 – Building Setout Survey

Once your house has been designed, a surveyor is required to mark the location of the new structure on the block of land. This will ensure that your house is placed at the correct offsets from the boundaries as defined by your local council, and that the dimensions of the house and land are correct.

Stage 4 – Identification Survey

Once the construction is complete, a final survey is required to identify the actual position of the house and any other fixtures (fences, sheds etc.) on your land. This serves as a completion survey and is required by council.

Identification surveys are also required by both legal and lending authorities whenever you purchase a property

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