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Property Development Services


In the Hunter Region, Rennie Golledge is involved with the development of over 3000 lots including the layout plans, engineering design, supervision of construction and project management. We have the skill and ability to manage your residential or commercial development from concept to completion of project.

  • On the north coast of N.S.W. at Laurentian, Rennie Golledge has been involved as project supervisor for a major community scheme in many ways pioneering and solving the problems associated with a new concept.

If you're thinking about subdividing and developing your land, we can assist you with the following:

  • Initial contour survey of the proposed area
  • Concept plan showing optimal lot layout and road locations
  • Creation of an attractive sale plan for prospective customers
  • Advise on Development Applications and council requirements
  • Engineering design and survey for the new roads and drainage
  • Boundary surveys for the newly created Lots.
  • Creation and lodgment of the Deposited Plan with the Land Titles Office.


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